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Mechanical engineering design services

GT Design Solutions offers a comprehensive range of design services for any mechanical engineering needs. We have a team of dedicated design engineers who have many years of experience in providing all of the services listed here – to both small and large companies across the UK.


CAD Implementation and training

Implementing a new CAD system can be a difficult and time-consuming process, losing valuable working hours and impacting on your normal day-to-day business operations. For new users in particular, it can be a very long, drawn-out and expensive affair – this is where our expertise and our experience can save you time and money.

GT Design Solutions have had many years of experience working with the whole range of CAD systems – from 2D to the very latest 3D versions. We have successfully implemented 3D CAD systems, including SolidWorks and Solid Edge, into a wide range of different companies with different needs.

Our approach is simple but effective. We set up new users (single or multiple) to ensure that everyone who uses the system is working in the same way – a must for consistency, especially with multiple users. This includes the creation of border templates configured with your company standards. More complex implementation includes the set -up of PDM Vault for document management.

Our design engineers have the ability to train new users, ranging from a basic understanding of CAD to more technical operations such as complex part modelling and large assemblies. So if you’re thinking of implementing a CAD system for the first-time, or need to upgrade to a new system, contact us to find out how we can help make it a smooth and stress-free process.


3D part design and sheet metal design

SolidWorks is fast becoming the industry-standard software for 3D design work. It’s a powerful tool for quickly creating accurate 3D models of complex parts.

At GT Design Solutions we use the latest version of SolidWorks for our design and detailing work. All of our designers have Certified SolidWorks Professional Status so you can have peace of mind knowing that any design work we create for you will be to the highest possible standard.

Our designers have many years’ experience of designing complex parts for a vast range of industries and environments. We know the software inside out, so we can design 3D concepts very quickly based on your requirements. If your project has tight deadlines and you need a fast turnaround without compromising on quality, GT Design Solutions should be your first call.

The benefits of 3D design work

Using 3D technology such as SolidWorks allows your clients and other non-technical people to visualise the end product.

Within SolidWorks, there are professional design tools for creating complex sheet metal parts and surfaces. Our designers have expertise in utilising these tools for both visualisation and manufacturing purposes.

If you need us to refresh a product from old data then no problem – we can easily accommodate these sort of requests. We can take your existing designs and update them by utilising modern manufacturing techniques, or we can simply refresh the design to new standards.

If all you require is 3D CAD data, we can provide this in whatever format you require. The formats we are able to provide can be opened in most 3D CAD packages, even if your company does not use SolidWorks software.


3D assemblies

GT Design Solutions has created very large assemblies for some prestigious clients. Our designers have worked on large-scale plants which have been designed solely in 3D. They can also take suppliers’ details and convert them to 3D. This enables us to quickly build impressive, large-scale assemblies to your specification.

The larger assemblies can be made up of many thousands of parts, which can often lead to overly-complex, costly and time-consuming projects. We are experts in creating large assemblies that are manageable while remaining cost-effective.

Our designers have vast experience in creating full-scale plants in many different industries, from process to automated plants – just contact us and ask about our previous work and experience and tell us what assistance you need with your 3D assembly project.


2D detailing

At GT Design Solutions we know that manufacturing is the most important part of the design process. Our designers produce high-quality drawings for all of your needs, including general arrangement and assembly drawings, P&I diagrams and detail drawings for manufacture.

SolidWorks software has very powerful 2D detailing tools for all forms of manufacturing, from high tolerance machining to fabrication. Using a 3D model to create drawings can be a very powerful and useful asset, as all drawings and associated data, such as bills of materials, will update when a 3D model is modified, whether it is a full assembly or a detail part. This saves time and money and enables the customer to have updated information in an instant.

Our designers are all extremely competent and experienced draughtsmen who understand the importance of manufacturing from clear, concise drawings. We can make use of all your existing templates, notes or borders and utilise these in virtually any CAD format for your approval.

In addition, we can also convert to and from the majority of common CAD formats including DWG, DXF, DWF and PDF.


2D to 3D conversion

At GT Design Solutions our designers can take your ideas or existing designs and convert them from 2D to 3D CAD models. We can easily update your legacy data to modern 3D CAD models, and then recreate the 2D drawings for manufacture even if there’s a very quick turnaround required.

Many supplier companies now provide 3D CAD models to their clients for insertion into their new assemblies. We understand that a lot of companies have yet to invest in 3D CAD, so at GT Design Solutions we can help you update the service you provide to your customers without having to invest in 3D CAD yourself. We can take your 2D data, no matter how complex, and convert it into a 3D model – contact us now for a no obligation quote.


3D rendering and animations

We know that 3D models aren’t just used for manufacturing purposes – they can also be used as a very powerful marketing tool.

3D renderings allow for exciting, flexible and creative presentations without ‘real world’ physical constraints and costs. From the models we create, we can produce stunning still images and moving animations easily and quickly.

Our designers have produced ‘walk-throughs’ for full plants, which are a great way to market a project and help others visualise the outcome of your work. They are also great for design review meetings and ALM meetings where it is essential to see the full plant before it is actually constructed.

In addition to using the latest 3D CAD software, our designers also use Adobe Photoshop to quickly enhance any renders that have been created, to ensure the final model looks as good as it possibly can.


3D printing

3D printing is new and exciting technology. While it is a relatively simple advancement, the potential for what it can do for the world of business is immeasurable.

Items can be printed in over 100 different materials to specific dimensions. You can print a full-colour, lifesize prototype for your customers to hold in their hand, reduce errors at the design stage without spending money on traditional prototyping and tooling costs and, best of all, it’s incredibly fast. 3D printing really has revolutionised the way we design and manufacture products.

At GT Design Solutions we use 3D printing technology, so if you want us to produce a working prototype of your project at an early stage, we can do it for you easily and quickly. Even if you want to refine the design many times over, the cost of producing 3D models against traditional prototyping is so low, it won’t impact on your budget. Contact us to find out more about or 3D printing services


3D laser scanning

A 3D scanner can analyse a ‘real world’ environment or object and collect data on its shape and appearance. The benefit of this is the function to create precise 3D digital models.

At GT Design Solutions, we use 3D scanning for a wide variety of applications, including reverse engineering, prototyping and industrial design. Although this form of design has its limitations, it can be the best option for certain projects, which is why we offer 3D laser scanning technology as an option for our customers.


Reverse engineering

Reverse engineering can be tricky, especially with very complex designs and assemblies. At GT Design Solutions, we have worked on a large number of reverse engineering jobs, from the small and straightforward, to the huge and complicated.

We use the very latest software to enable us to reverse engineer a wide range of designs, producing detailed plans that will enable you to produce a similar or duplicate product to the one we have disassembled and analysed.


Rapid prototyping

If you want to quickly fabricate a scale model of a physical part or assembly, we can help you achieve your objective through rapid prototyping.

Using 3D CAD data and 3D printing, we can build up a product by depositing layer after layer of material. This process is particularly useful for producing complex 3D shapes and is a great way of evaluating a design at an early stage.

GT Design Solutions uses rapid prototyping technology for customers who require a scaled-down version of their design quickly. Contact us now to find out more about the benefits of rapid prototyping.


Parts books and bills of materials

As part of our comprehensive design service, we can also provide parts books and bills of materials. These are vital documents, with important information that you will need to realise your end product.

Using the latest software, the parts books we produce will enable you to virtually disassemble the design into its components so you easily identify individual parts to manufacture or course.

The bills of materials includes the raw materials required, assembly information and quantities required, and is the key document that anyone working on the manufacture of your product will work from. Getting it right, and ensuring it is clear for the wide range of people who will use it, is absolutely crucial to the success of any project.

At GT Design Services we can provide both bills of materials and parts books as part of our comprehensive design service – you won’t need to go anywhere else.


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